Welcome to Pendragon House in Glastonbury Somerset UK, a Multi-Faith Community.

Pendragon House is located close to the heart of Glastonbury, 5 minutes from both the High Street and the bottom of the Tor, yet right on the edge of the countryside. We live together as family, sharing in one another's lives; living here involves being prepared to work on the things that arise when living closely with others. Of course we also enjoy privacy whenever needed, but we also try make an effort to contribute of our energy to the community we live in. Prayer and meditation are central to this.

Our community aims to accept challenged individual/s, with the aim of offering a stable, safe, positive environment for healing, and in this small way to relieve suffering in the world. The ability to do this depends on progress and stability of the existing Sangha; commitment to Practice is therefore a requirement; the precise nature of which will depend upon the individual's spiritual needs.

Other aims of the community include sharing of life's responsibilities, child care, a broad social base, learning to better understand ourselves, learning tolerance for others, helping with loneliness, healthy diet, efficient locally produced or home grown food provision, and energy efficiency to help mitigate Climate Change.

Our gardens include an orchard, vegetable patch and lawns. We all share a big kitchen and normally there is at least one communal meal a day, with commune members, children, volunteers and guests filling the kitchen table. The living room is big enough to also be used for other things, it has table tennis, a grand piano, movie projector and sound system. It also has a fabulous big window looking down over farmland and distant hills, with birds swooping below and occasional sightings of wild dear.

All rooms have south facing windows and the sun keeps the house naturally warm. We try to be fossil fuel free, there is no gas or oil, in the winter months a 45kW biomass boiler heats the house, and individual wood stoves. We have a large solar system and put as much electricity back into the grid as we use. We are in the throes of upgrading our energy system including a wind generator, ground source heat pumps and electric vehicle charging.

Situated on the edge of town we watch cows from the nearby organic dairy farm grazing on the fields and see the mists of Avalon rolling across the Somerset levels. Friends from the greater community in Glastonbury Town and beyond are in and out of the house which is a social hub, bringing together different factions from the society (we ask people to please be respectful of our neighbours). We also take some bnb guests.

Community Events (in addition to normal Meditation and Prayers)

For more information please look at our facebook page.